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Company establishment

Establishment of companies » Company establishment

Basic company establishment services

The basic services of establishment of companies, such as D.O.O. , O.D., K.D. , A.D. for citizens and foreigners in Serbia, include:

  • preparation of founding acts (Decision on founding, Agreement on founding, Statute);
  • preparation of a registration application with appropriate forms;
  • Instructions for entering and paying the share capital (it is possible to register a d.o.o. without paying the share capital);
  • Instructions for verification of prepared documentation;
  • Registration of establishment in APR;
  • Delivery of APR decision on the establishment of the company;
  • Stamp making.

Complete company establishment service

The complete company establishment services for citizens and foreigners in Serbia include additional activities:

  • Instructions for choosing the legal form of the future company (d.o.o., O.d., k.d., a.d.);
  • Choosing the optimal business name (the first step in the company's marketing performance), checking the free name in the registry;
  • Choice of predominant activity;
  • Selection of the most favorable headquarters of the company (drafting of a contract for the lease of office space).
  • Obtaining decisions from competent city or state inspections as a condition for starting certain activities;
  • Presence at the notary during the certification of documents;
  • Presence in the bank when opening a account and paying the basic capital (includes preparation of OP form, selection of bank, filling of forms and other procedures);
  • VAT declaration in the competent tax administration;
  • Application to the PIO Fund;
  • Application to the competent branch of the Health Insurance Fund (obtaining a health card);
  • Consulting for bookkeeping services and further business.

CHANGES IN D.O.O., (D.O.O., O.D., K.D., A.D.)

  • Change of members, (founder) d.o.o. (admission of a new member, withdrawal of a member, transfer of shares, accession of a foreign founder with capital increase, changes due to the death of a member),
  • Change of capital (reduction of capital, increase of capital);
  • Change of representatives (appointment/dismissal of directors and other representatives);
  • Resignation of representative, (resignation of director, liquidation manager);
  • Changes to founding acts, regulations, certification by a notary;
  • Issuance/withdrawal of power of attorney for d.o.o.;
  • Change of activity of d.o.o.;
  • Change of registered office of d.o.o.;
  • Change of business name of d.o.o.;
  • Change of legal form of d.o.o.;
  • Status changes of d.o.o. (merger, separation, etc.);
  • Branch registration of d.o.o. (registration/deletion of a separate business unit)
  • Liquidation and deletion of d.o.o. from the APR register.