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Establishing a private practice

Establishment of companies » Establishing a private practice

Private practice is registered as an entrepreneurial activity and the legal provisions on the registration of entrepreneurs are applied accordingly.

(doctor's office, dental office, pharmacy, laboratory, physical therapy clinic, health care, rehabilitation)

Basic service when establishing a private practice

The basic service aimed at establishing a private practice for citizens and foreigners in Serbia includes:

  • Obtaining the necessary documentation;
  • Preparing a registration application with appropriate forms;
  • Registration of establishment with the competent registry;
  • Delivery of APR decision;
  • Stamp making.


Complete service when setting up private practice

A complete service aimed at establishing a private practice for citizens and foreigners in Serbia includes:

  • Guidance in choosing the optimal legal form of the future healthcare activity (health institution, private practice);
  • Choosing the optimal business name, (the first step in the company's marketing performance), checking the free name in the registry;
  • Choosing the optimal predominant activity,
  • Selection of the most favorable headquarters of the company (drafting of a contract for the lease of office space).
  • Obtaining decisions from competent city or state inspections as a condition for starting activities;
  • Presence at the bank when opening an account, (includes preparation of op form, selection of bank, filling of forms and other procedures);
  • Vat declaration in the competent tax administration;
  • Application to the PIO fund;
  • Application to the competent branch of the health insurance fund (obtaining a health card);
  • Consulting for bookkeeping services and further business.


  • Change of activity;
  • Change of address;
  • Change/appointment of the manager of the practice;
  • Registration of the start/termination of activities (temporary interruption of activities);
  • Issuance/withdrawal of power of attorney;
  • Change of practice name;
  • Changing the legal form of the practice, (ensuring legal succession between the practice and the institution);
  • Registration/deletion of a separate business unit;
  • Liquidation and deletion of the practice from the register of APR.