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Establishment of an association

Establishment of companies » Establishment of an association

(Citizens' associations, non-governmental organizations, trade unions, painting colonies, children's camps)

Basic association establishment service

The basic service of establishing an association for citizens and foreigners in Serbia includes:

  • Obtaining the necessary documentation;
  • Preparation of the founding act of the association;
  • Drawing up the statute of the association;
  • Making a registration application with appropriate forms;
  • Registration of association establishment in apr;
  • Delivery of the APR decision;
  • Stamp making.


Complete association establishment service

The complete service of establishing an association for citizens and foreigners in Serbia also includes:

  • Organization of the founding assembly of the association (draft statute, association bodies, goals of establishment, preparation of proceedings);
  • Choosing the optima name, (the first step in marketing performance), checking the free name in the registry;
  • Instructions for choosing an economic activity;
  • Selection of the most favorable company headquarters
  • (creating a contract on the lease of business premises).
  • Obtaining decisions from competent city or state inspections as a condition for starting certain activities;
  • Attendance at the founding assembly of the association;
  • Presence at the notary during the certification of documents;
  • Presence in a commercial bank when opening an account and paying the taxes,

(includes creation of OP form, selection of bank, filling of forms and other procedures);

  • VAT declaration in the competent tax administration;
  • Application to the PIO Fund;
  • Application to the competent branch of the Health Insurance Fund (obtaining a health card);
  • Consulting for bookkeeping services and further business.



  • Amendment of the statute of the association;
  • Change of association members,
  • Registration of association activities;
  • Change of the registered activity of the association;
  • Change/appointment of association representatives;
  • Change of address of the association
  • Issuance/withdrawal of power of attorney;
  • Changing the name of the association;
  • Registration of a sports association branch;
  • Liquidation and deletion of the association from the register of APR.