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Consulting services - FLASH Konsalting agency

Modern business requires fast and professional support in order to successfully realize your business idea or the right to a residence and work permit in the Republic of Serbia. The way of doing business is rapidly changing in accordance with the progress of information technologies, rapid changes in legal regulations, market globalization and other external factors. In such circumstances, our mission is to be with you from the beginning, to help you make basic business decisions, and even to point out the shortcomings of your vision, presenting you with one or more other possible options.

Obtaining residence and work permits for foreigners in Serbia

With you on the way of your business success

Later, while you develop your business strategies, we can provide you with all the necessary support in terms of business law, administrative services, marketing and all kinds of consulting services in order to improve and optimize your business.

Residence and work permits for foreigners in Serbia

Regarding the proces of obtaining a residence or work permit for foreigners in Serbia, we will be at your disposal for any question or advice you need. We will do everything we can to make the proces of obtaining a residence or work permit faster, simpler and more efficient. For parts of proces that cannot be done without your presence, we will give you clear and specific instructions to save your time and money.

The best prices for consulting services for foreigners

Our clients will always find a reliable and responsible approach to solving the assigned task, and we guarantee the best prices for consulting, legal and other services. The usual policy of the FLASH Konsalting agency is to always give you more value for your money. Coming to our office is not mandatory, and everything related to the documentation correspondence can be done via the Internet or courier service.

Additional and emergency services

If you need to make a stamp in the process of establishing a company, change the name of a company or liquidate a business entity, we are here for you. If the need arises, we will be present together with you at the certification of documents at the notary, at the bank for opening an banking account or at the tax administration office for any reason you consider important.

There is a possibility of contracting bookkeeping services with significant benefits in terms of price and scope of services. If an urgent procedure is needed, whether it is about establishing a company or obtaining residence and work permits for foreigners in Serbia, we can organize everything quickly and efficiently.