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Residence permits for foreigners

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Residence permits for foreigners in Serbia

The procedure for approving and issuing a residence permit for foreigners for a certain period of stay in Serbia is very complex and requires a good knowledge of the law in this area. Bearing that in mind, the process of submitting a request while meeting all legal norms is best left to the FLASH Konsalting agency, which has an expert team that can deal with it. At the FLASH Konsalting agency, you can get all the advice and answers to questions related to the residence permit for foreigners, and our experts will guide you through all the steps in this process. For more information about issuing a residence permit for foreigners, you can contact us by phone or by message, using the information from the contact page.

For the approval of a residence permit for a foreigner who is already in Serbia, in order to extend his stay beyond the permitted period, the foreigner should have enough money to support himself during the requested period. This means that the foreigner must provide proof of the existence of funds for his stay.

Residence permits for foreigners in Serbia

Who decides on residence permits in Serbia

The Directorate for Foreigners decides on the request for a residence permit in Serbia. If the application for a residence permit is submitted for the first time, you can expect a response within four weeks from the date of submission of the application. Upon the request for the extension of the residence permit, the decision is made on the same day.

The most common reasons for requesting a residence permit in Serbia

The Law on Foreigners includes and recognizes several reasons when a foreigner can apply for a residence permit in Serbia. The most common cases of requesting a residence permit for foreigners in Serbia are related to employment, economic or other activities, schooling, studies or specialization, scientific research work, practical training, international exchange of pupils or students, etc.

In addition to the above, also frequent reasons for requesting a residence permit in Serbia are family reunification after marriage with citizens of the Republic of Serbia, realization of rights in an extramarital union or when it comes to the reunification of parents and children.

Obligation to register residence for foreigners

Upon entering the territory of Serbia, a foreigner is obliged to report his stay to the police station in the place where he wants to stay. After registering the residence, the foreigner is issued a "white card" as proof of registration. "White card" (certificate of registration of residence in Serbia), together with the passport, is a document used to identify a foreigner at the request of authorities in the Republic of Serbia.

The issued "White Card" is valid only for the approved period of stay and after each subsequent entry of a foreigner into Serbia, a new one must be issued.