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Residence visa for Germany

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The FLASH Konsalting agency, in addition to the services that you could already see on other pages of this site, also provides consulting and assistance services when applying for a residence visa in Germany. There are different bases for requesting a residence visa for Germany, but regardless of them, it is always necessary to know the requirements for submitting an application.

We know how to do it

In cases where elderly people, whose goal is to reunite their family with someone already living and working in Germany, want to apply for a residence permit, problems and various complications often arise. This happens mainly because the applicants do not sufficiently understand that a residence visa in Germany is not obtained just like that and that the submission of the application must be accompanied by the necessary documentation, as well as completed forms in the German language.

Requesting a residence visa for Germany

Reduce stress and save time

In order to avoid application rejection, negative decisions or wasting time filling out documents after submitting the application, it is best to contact our expert consultants for help with applying for a residence visa in Germany.

The FLASH Konsalting agency has German language experts who can understand and explain the entire procedure to you in detail, step by step. In addition, we also provide services for filling out forms for applying for a residence visa for Germany.

Do not forget that the dates for submitting papers at the German embassy fill up very easily, so you should keep this in mind when you plan to apply for a residence visa for Germany.