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Work and residence visas for Europe

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The FLASH Konsalting agency offers, in addition to services for obtaining work and residence permits for the Republic of Serbia, assistance in obtaining work and residence visas for all European countries.

It is important to note that almost all countries in Europe have clearly defined procedures and actions provided by laws that differ from country to country. If something is valid in Germany, it does not necessarily mean that it is also valid in Austria or France. On the contrary, often the requirements and legal regulations are very different, so if you have heard from someone what is required for, say, a student visa in Hungary, this probably does not apply to the Netherlands, etc.

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Each country has its own requirements and regulations that offer different ways to reach the desired goal, which is a residence permit, a work permit or the possibility of specialization and continuing education in European countries.

Help with work and residence visas for all European countries

Let's also note that, when collecting documentation for submitting a request for a residence or work visa in EU countries, there are forms that must be filled in in the language of the country you want to go to, so that all information must be precise, and the accompanying documentation generally has to be translated and complete.

For some requirements, such as continuing education, specialization or medical treatment in European countries, you must have all or part of the documentation translated and certified by a court interpreter. The FLASH Konsalting agency has a solution for that as well. In our team, we also have translators-court interpreters for all European languages, so you can do everything in one place.

Our service includes complete assistance for the preparation and submission of requests and accompanying documentation at the appropriate representative office of the country you wish to go to. Regardless of the reasons for applying for a residence or work visa for European countries, whether it is career continuation, further education, specialization, health treatment or family reunification, our extensive experience will allow you to go through the entire process simply and quickly.

In addition to translators and court interpreters for European languages, our team also includes experienced lawyers who know international law and can help you in the best way to succeed in obtaining a residence and work visa for European countries.

Contact us as soon as possible because the process of collecting documents, preparation and submission can be quite long, especially for countries for which there is a lot of interest and appointment times for submitting documents are not easily available.