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Work permits for foreigners

Residence and work permits » Work permits for foreigners

The issuance of work permits for foreigners in the Republic of Serbia is regulated by the Law on Employment of Foreign Citizens and the Labor Regulations.

A foreigner who has a work permit in the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the law, has the same rights and obligations as citizens of the Republic of Serbia. A foreigner is considered unemployed in accordance with the regulations on employment and unemployment insurance and has the same rights as a citizen of the Republic of Serbia.

Work permits for foreigners in Serbia

Employment of foreigners in Serbia

In order to employ foreigners in Serbia, they must have a temporary residence permit or a permanent residence permit, as well as a work permit, except in some cases defined by law.

A work permit can be issued to a foreigner as a personal work permit and as a work permit.


Only one of these two types of permits can be issued to one foreigner.

Personal work permit for foreigners

A personal work permit can be issued:

  • to a foreign citizen who has obtained a residence permit,
  • to a foreign citizen who has refugee status,
  • to a foreign citizen belonging to a special category (seeking asylum, etc.),
  • to a foreign citizen who is a member of the immediate family of the above-mentioned persons,
  • to a foreign citizen who is a member of the immediate family of a citizen of Serbia and if the foreigner is of Serbian origin up to the third degree of blood relationship in the direct line.

Work permit for foreigners

A work permit may be issued to a foreign citizen for:

  • employment
  • special cases of employment
  • self-employment.

Based on a work permit, a foreign worker can only be employed for a specific job for which the permit was issued.

The work permit is issued in accordance with the conditions of the labor market and at the request of the employer if, for example, the employer has not terminated the employment relationship with the workers or the worker due to excess employees at the workplace for which a work permit is requested for a foreigner. In cases where it is allowed to request a work permit for a foreigner, the employer submits a proposal for an employment contract or other contract that ensures rights from the employment relationship, in accordance with the law.

A work permit for foreigners is issued at the time of the planned employment, maximum for the duration of the approved residence permit.

A work permit for foreigners in the case of self-employment (founding a company) is issued at the request of a foreigner who has a temporary residence permit in Serbia. A work permit for self-employment is issued for the duration of the temporary residence permit, or for a maximum of one year with the possibility of extension. A foreigner with this work permit is obliged to start performing the business activity for which the work permit is issued within 90 days from the day of approval.

For any type of work permit for foreigners, it is necessary to submit a request and special documentation, which varies depending on the type of work permit.

The FLASH Konsalting agency is at your disposal for questions and advice regarding the necessary documentation and other parts of the process for obtaining a work permit for foreigners in Serbia.