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FLASH Agency, in addition to translation and court interpretation, also offers consulting services for companies and individuals in the field of establishing companies, obtaining residence and work permits for foreigners, and tax refunds from Germany.

Our consulting services are aimed at ensuring that our clients receive accurate, concrete and up-to-date information and advice at the moment they need it. Outdated or incorrect information is no information at all, and for this reason our agency's experts, who come from various fields, try to inform you in a timely manner and direct you to the right institutions.

We have experts in the field of economics, finance, labor and family law, as well as experts in the field of international law. The quality of our consulting services, as well as our direct and honest approach to solving every request and problem, has so far proven to be the only correct one.

We do not limit ourselves to just giving advice and interpreting laws and rights, but actively participate with you in their realization. If you choose our services, you will have at your disposal a team of experts and profesionals who know the legal system in Serbia very well in the areas of immigration, economy, finance and law.

Stay and work visas for foreigners in Serbia


residence permit or work permit for foreigners in Serbia

Each country has specific laws that regulate the stay of foreigners, and the Republic of Serbia is no exception. The laws and by-laws that regulate the right of foreigners to stay and work in Serbia are not that complicated, but if you do not know the language well enough, they can be confusing and incomprehensible.

The agency FLASH Konsalting Beograd offers the service of interpreting laws and by-laws with the aim of a clearer understanding of the law by foreigners in Serbia. Understanding the provisions of the law is very important if you want to apply for a residence permit or a work permit in Serbia, on any basis.

Services in the process of obtaining a residence permit or work permit for foreigners in Serbia include:

  • Creation of an extract from the Law on Foreigners of the Republic of Serbia in connection with the registration of residence or obtaining a work permit
  • Instructions with details on how to apply for residence
  • Compilation of the list of necessary personal documents for the foreigner
  • Collection of forms necessary for submitting a request for a residence or work permit
  • Filling out forms and preparing documentation for submission of requests
  • For employers, as a service for obtaining a work permit for workers, the submission of documentation to the competent institutions can be arranged
  • Consulting in the process of processing requests


Agency FLASH Konsalting Beograd can offer you complete services regarding the establishment of any type of company in Serbia. This service is provided both to citizens of the Republic of Serbia and to foreigners who want to start a business in Serbia.

Regarding the establishment of companies in Serbia, we can offer the following services:

  • Establishment of homes for the elderly
  • Establishment of entrepreneurial activities
  • Establishment of a company (d.o.o., a.d., k.d., ...)
  • Establishment of private practices (medicine, dentistry, ...)
  • Establishment of associations (citizens' associations, sports associations, ...)
  • Liquidation of companies
  • Creation of a business plan

Complete services for you regarding the establishment of any type of company in Serbia